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  • Help a family cover the cost of school basics like a school bag, proper uniform or schoolbooks for two months. Read more

  • This gift will give a child in need the chance to share in the excitement by opening their own Christmas toys and books. Read More

  • This gift will provide a range of outdoor equipment such as assorted balls, bats, frisbees and more. Let’s encourage children to play together, get outside and have fun. Read more

  • Match a disadvantaged student with a mentor to provide study and career guidance to help build their future aspirations. Read more

  • By sponsoring a disadvantaged student for three months, you contribute to the basics like a school bag, proper uniform or  schoolbooks. Read more

  • Give a disadvantaged student the chance to fit in at school by providing them with stationery, a new uniform, sports gear and the ability to go on school excursions. Read more

  • Your Charity Gift will assist in closing the education gap of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women compared with their non-Indigenous peers. Read more

  • This Charity Gift helps provide a disadvantaged student with the support of a Learning for Life Coordinator who provides personal and emotional support for them and their families. Read more

  • This Charity Gift helps run our out-of-school Learning Clubs – where students receive educational support by trained tutors in a safe learning environment. Read more

  • Imagine life with no computer. Without access to a computer and the internet these days, it's hard. Help a family with a refurbished computer. Read more