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  • By choosing to donate in lieu of a gift you will be providing learning and mentoring support to an Australian child living in disadvantage. Please give what you can to help a child build their own better future. Read more

  • Donate a gift of your choosing, to help change the life of a disadvantaged Australian child today. Read more

  • Donate what you can and help change the life of a disadvantaged Australian child. Read more

  • Give families living with disadvantage the support to develop their child’s reading ability from an early age so they can build valuable literacy skills. Read more

  • Provide disadvantaged students with access to iTrack, ensuring that there is a positive role and mentor who can support them with advice in school today, and bridge them with their future aspirations.Read more

  • By giving young children in need access to our Let’s Count program you can help them grow and develop their numeracy and counting skills before starting school. Read more

  • Change the course of a young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in need’s life by providing tailored, extra learning support to help them build their own futures. Read more

  • Help a disadvantaged child improve their overall reading skills by matching them with a peer mentor in the student2student program. Read more

  • Inspire a child in disadvantage to explore the world of books and develop their reading skills. This can be critical to build their confidence and help them catch up and keep up at school. Read more

  • Give a child living in poverty the chance to build their confidence and skills in the Creative Arts space. Read more

  • Provide much-needed access to our after school Learning Club program to help a disadvantaged child with their learning and homework. Read more

  • Provide guidance and inspiration to a young disadvantaged person to find the career of their dreams. Read more

  • Help a primary school student start school with confidence and make the most of their early learning by giving them the school essentials every child needs. Read more

  • Give a disadvantaged student the essentials they need to make the most of high school, complete Year 12, and help them create their own better future. Read more


  • Provide a mentor for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young student to help guide and advise them with their education and help close the education gap. Read more

  • Help a disadvantaged child build a better future through the Future Seekers Program, to encourage, inspire and guide them towards their dream career after completing Year 12. Read more

  • Connect a young person in need with a mentor to help guide them through school and their future study choices. Read more

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in their learning by providing crucial resources and tailored support. Read more

  • Connect a child living in disadvantage to vital online learning resources by providing them with internet access so they can keep up with their schoolwork. Read more

  • Help a disadvantaged student with a full-year of ongoing learning support, to help them catch up, keep up and succeed in school. Read more

  • Provide a disadvantaged child with ongoing access to homework support for an entire year. Read more

  • Give a child in need a computer and access to the internet to make sure they can engage fully with their learning, complete their schoolwork, and make the most of their education. Read more