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  • Ready to Read

    This Joyspreader charity gift provides a family with a reading resource pack so parents can help their children develop literacy skills and enjoy reading. More.

  • 1-2-3 Numeracy

    This Joyspreader charity gift will provide a Let’s Count pack for a family to help everyone experience the amazing world of numbers. More.

  • Create a Connection

    This Joyspreader charity gift provides a student with access to a secure online chat site to communicate with their mentors in a safe environment. More.

  • Links to Learning

    This Joyspreader charity gift provides children with access to Learning Club resources that provide educational support and help them with their homework. More.

  • Sponsor a Child for One Month

    This gift of one month’s sponsorship for a disadvantaged student helps contribute to basic school costs like a school bag or school books. More.

  • It Takes Two

    Help a disadvantaged child who is struggling with reading by pairing them with a reading buddy who gives advice and encouragement with their reading. More.

  • Sharing Christmas Joy

    This gift will give a child in need the chance to share in the excitement by opening their own Christmas toys and books. More.

  • State of the Art

    Your Joyspreader will help disadvantaged Australian children increase their confidence and develop talents through tapping into their creative abilities. More.

  • Books to Inspire

    This Christmas you can give a disadvantaged child a pack of inspiring, age-appropriate books that will help unlock their imagination and build better literacy. More.

  • Fast Tracking Careers

    This Joyspreader charity gift helps a young person participate in our Work Inspirations program which provides an inspiring introduction to the career options. More.

  • Building Aspirations

    Pairing students with mentors and strong role models gives them extra support and importantly, the knowledge that someone cares and is on their side. More.

  • Licence to Mentor

    Match a disadvantaged student with a mentor to provide study and career guidance to help build their future aspirations. More.