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Toy & Book Pack for ages 3-7

Every child deserves the thrill of opening gifts on Christmas morning. But for many children growing up in poverty, this simply does not happen.

1 in 6 Australian children are living in poverty – many will have no presents to wake up to this Christmas.

If you choose this meaningful charity gift you’ll bring joy and pride to a friend or loved one – and even more joy to a disadvantaged child.

Your generous gift will help to buy toys and books for a child in need in time for Christmas morning.

Thank you.


*Due to COVID -19 restrictions beyond our control, there may be unforeseen impacts on our ability to deliver toy and book packs to our families. Rest assured that by purchasing this Charity Gift, you are giving a disadvantaged Australian child a present at Christmas.

For more information please contact us on: 1800 024 069

Dollars this gift will contribute: 70
Toys and books for a 3-7 Year Old Child preview of downloadable card
How it works
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1. ​Choose a gift

Find a gift that matches your recipient's special interests.

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2. Select a Card

If desired, download a card or send an e-card to your friend or loved one.

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3. Support a child

Your gift will help an Australian child fit in at school and keep up with their classmates.