Secret Santa

Ideas packed with thoughtfulness

Secret Santa gifts have become a fun tradition in many Australian homes and the workplace. Buying your Secret Santa gift from The Smith Family will help gift disadvantaged Australian children access to the quality education that they deserve. Imagine the joy on your recipients face to see that their Secret Santa isn't the usual useless tea cosy but rather a gift that will bring joy to the face of children for years' to come.

The Charity Gift product range doesn’t contribute more unnecessary stuff to the world. They're fun, they do good things and they're perfect for someone that thinks like you. They are 100% tax deductible and perfect for last minute gifts.

Present inside circle

1. ​Choose a gift

Find a gift that matches your recipient's special interests.

Card inside circle

2. Select a Card

If desired, download a card or send an e-card to your friend or loved one.

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3. Support a child

Your gift will help an Australian child fit in at school and keep up with their classmates.