Book Pack for ages 8-12

With this special Christmas gift, you can open up a world of stories and imagination for a child growing up in poverty.

The gift of reading can bring a lifetime of joy, and help a child feel more confident when they’re in the classroom.

If you choose this meaningful gift for a loved one this Christmas you’ll bring joy to them – and put a huge smile on the face of a disadvantaged child.

By giving this special Christmas gift you are helping to buy books for a child in need.

Thank you.

* Last minute changes have been made to reflect the value of gift vouchers being provided to families supported by The Smith Family as part of the Toy & Book Appeal. In some cases, a product will be of a higher or lower value than published in our annual Joyspreader catalogue. 

We sincerely apologise for any confusion or inconvenience. 

Dollars this gift will contribute: 35
Books for a 3-7 Year Old Child preview of downloadable card
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