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Ideas packed with thoughtfulness

Gift ideas pack with thoughtfulness

They say that it's the thought that counts, yet putting those thoughts into action is what really changes lives. In fact, our first ever act. the one that brought The Smith Family into being, was a group of businessmen doing what they could do to address poverty. In 1922, five Australian businessmen decide to spread the joy of Christmas by taking gifts to the children at the local orphanage. When they asked who the children should thank, they modestly chose anonymity and answered, "Smith. We are all Smiths." A concept - and a family - was born.

Today, we know that education is the best way out of disadvantage. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to to become their best. With the support of programs, these children will fit in and belong at school, so that they can concentrate on learning and unlock their potential. Today, there are 1.1m Australian children and young people living in poverty1. Last year we helped more than 127,424 Australian children and their families.

This range of gifts don't contribute more unnecessary stuff to the world. They're fun, they do good things and they're perfect for someone that thinks like you. They are 100% tax deductible and perfect for last minute gifts for far-away recipients.

You – and the person receiving your gift – will not only be spreading the joy, but know you’ve made a real difference to a child in need.

All proceeds from our online shop will help Australian children in need reach their potential.

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1 ACOSS & SPRC (2016) Poverty in Australia, 2016, Australian Council of Social Services, Sydney.